About Us

BusinessDay Research and Intelligence Unit (BRIU) is a part of BusinessDay – West Africa’s leading media outfit providing business and financial intelligence via print and digital platforms. BRIU operates as the research and consultancy arm of BusinessDay with a customer focused research consultative servicesOur research consulting services are in three (3) folds: Economy | Markets | Public

Our Core Competence

With cutting edge Intelligence, analytics and market experience to derive sustainable value for our clients across public, private and non-profit making organization.

Our team of seasoned professionals brings a unique blend of strategic and operational insights to our clients’ toughest challenges, providing practical solutions that deliver measurable and sustainable results.

– Every engagement is designed to deliver value through actionable plans for positive results

BRIU specializes in a broad variety of research consulting services consolidated into 3 business segments for public and private sector.

Economic Research

Providing insightful analysis on macroeconomic indicators and related issues that help shape policy planning and implementation.

  • Industry and sectorial Insight generation
  • Scorecard Reporting

Analytics & Visualization

Market Research

Crafting actionable growth plans by diagnosing the process that links producers | services providers, customers as well as consumers or end users

  • Consumer | Customer Research
  • Retail Research
  • Shopper Research


Public Research

Identify issues and measure impact of interventions geared to create a thriving and sustainable society.

Impact & Evaluation Surveys

  • Baseline Surveys
  • Midline Surveys
  • Endline Surveys
  • Opinion Polls

Story Telling Experience

We leverage innovative ideas through analytics, experience and simplified visualizations in our story telling


We are HRBA and GDPR Compliant; Quality Assurance is not a value add but our way of working

Our research consulting services follow the rules, sense of rights and privileges to be respected and Data integrity is Key to us.

“Being responsible starts with how you source and handle data” – BRIU

Geo fencing and in – script quality checks (during primary data gathering) to reduce anomalies.

Our data collection partners work with independent quality control teams who reports to BRIU during engagements.

We also Monitor performance during data collection via a real time reporting console to track efficiency, quality and completion.

With in-script quality checks, we are able to flag anomalies and confirm outliers based on validations in field during primary data collection.

Zero Tolerance to errors, all issues raised are corrected before analysis being to create insights for our clients.

Quality Assurance is not a value add but our way of working

What are our current capabilities

A Thriving Mother Brand

We are part of a prestigious mother brand with almost two decade of excellency in media innovation and service delivery

Our Experience

Our Team has over two decade of combined experience in business development, strategy and research.  More than 100 published articles on industry and business segments issues on BusinessDay New platforms

Our People

We pride in an agile and competent team of researchers with enthusiastic minds to learn and un-learn while deliberately seeking for innovative ways to create value


We are part of wider team with synergy of ideas, resources to find growth even in uncomfortable places

How can we help you ?

Partner with BRIU today to build lasting ideas of tomorrow


6, Point Road, G.R.A., Apapa, Lagos