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Zero Tolerance to Trade Opportunity Churns

When the rubber hits the road

Experience has shown us that there are fundamental trade measures that allow businesses to generate or propel sales opportunities in retail i.e. trade and marketing activation standards

As much as businesses spend a fortune on their trade and marketing initiative in today’s increasingly disruptive market;

Agile platforms and enthusiastic expert support are needed to complement this, its people and process aiding the right team to deliver healthy profits and app-laudable shareholder value.

These standards are infused in manufacturer’s route to market strategy – however, non – compliance can impair the opportunity of a winning strategy in trade – hence, it is crucial to know not just from internal sources only but also through external feedback for an all-round perspective to stay pro-active

Why agile platforms?

  • Allows you to plan precisely

  • make timely interventions and

  • measure intervention impact over time.

At BRIU, our retail execution solutions are tailored to deliver the right results

This is definitely a right solution for your trade strategies if you seek answers to these questions?

  • I intend to create the right atmosphere in trade to maximize my ROI on trade activation spends

  • I want to stay abreast of compliance level on my USPs in trade

What Impact will this deliver to your business?

  • Insight on client outlet activation standard requirements attained and existing compliance gaps –

  • Helps to narrow down on clients’ In-Store performance, distribution challenges and sales teams attainment by jurisdiction/area of responsibility.

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