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Nigeria Retail Sector Report 2014


This report provides an insight antecedence into the growing Nigerian retail market



The Nigerian Economy
• Oil and the Nigerian economy
• Manufacturing in Nigeria
• Social-economic characteristics of the population
• Rebasing and the new face of the economy

Developments In Africa’s Retail Market

Profiling Nigeria’s retail outlets

Classifying Nigeria retail outlets
• The traditional open market retail outlets
• Unit neighbourhood stores/supermarkets
• Multiple branch supermarket/franchises (convenience
• Mega supermarkets/shopping malls
• The Grocery Bazaar Model
• The Best Choice model

Nigeria’s retail power houses

Nigeria’s major retail markets
• Lagos, Ibadan and the South West
• Kano, Kaduna and the North West
• Port Harcourt, Benin and the South-South
• Aba, Onitsha and the South East
• Abuja

Online retail in Nigeria
• Profiles of Nigeria’s key retailers
• ‘Online retail is waxing stronger’
Winning in Nigeria’s retail market
Facts For Investors